DA:I - Gameplay Features: Combat

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Leeny Ivanisvili - Chanel leather boots and gloves


Leeny Ivanisvili - Chanel leather boots and gloves

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Song: End Credits
Artist: Bruno Coulais
Album: Coraline (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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End Credits" by Bruno Coulais.



fenris plees

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Song: The Diva Dance (Fifth Element Soundtrack)
Artist: Plava Lugana
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I will keep you from all harm


I will keep you from all harm



Ishida Akira voicing his whole family.

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This is still my favorite video of all time

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Leliana: I saw what you were doing back there.
Sten: Oh?
Leliana: Don’t play innocent with me.
Sten: What are you talking about?
Leliana: You. Playing with that kitten.
Sten: There was no kitten.
Leliana: Sten, I saw you. You dangling a piece of twine for it.
Sten: I was helping it train.
Leliana: You’re a big softie!
Sten: We will never speak of this again.
Leliana: Softie!


Sten: Stop that.
Leliana: Stop what?
Sten: That. Looking at me and giggling.
Leliana: I can’t help it! You are so big and stoic! Who would have thought you’d be a big softie?
Sten: Stop saying that. I am a soldier of the Beresaad. I am not a “softie.”
Leliana: Softie.
Sten: I hate humans.

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the warden and their companions


hawke and their companions


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Enjoy. :)

(edit) - Missing Credits: Chloe Buse, Diana D’Arcee

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Haytham: m... m-m
Edward: mother? are you trying so say mother, Haytham?
Haytham: may the father of understanding guide us
Edward: what
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ok liek„„ i’mm sorry???? ok i nevr met 2 try n klil dad jo,jo it was subconsious i nevar ment 2 hurt hm and nwo every1 is snding me anon hate??? nd i cnt stop cyring„ im srry pls„,

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yells about victorian boots

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